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Kids Running

Free Play

Play is an important part of young children’s academic development. Play allows children to use creativity while also developing imagination and enhancing language, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. 

To quote Maria Montessori “Play is the work of children.” There are many types of play in which to engage children, dramatic play, symbolic play, and exploratory play are just a few that will be infused throughout our daily activities.

Art Class


Creativity is the freedom for children to express themselves completely and to make the activity that they are engaged in their own.

Creativity fosters mental growth by providing opportunities to try new ideas, initiates new thoughts, and fosters problem-solving. Children will be encouraged to express their ideas and feelings and be provided with a wealth of opportunities to be creative.

Music Class


Music teaches children many skills necessary for development. It is a fun and interesting way to work with words and concepts. Singing is another way we can express ourselves.

Movement helps develop self-awareness, learn non-verbal communication, and enhance memory. Our children will be exposed to the music of all genres, from nursery rhymes and traditional songs “The Wheels on the Bus” to jazz and classical music “The Blue Danube”. 

Story Time


Reading to children leads to a stronger vocabulary and better early literacy skills. It not only teaches concepts; it gives children information about the world around them.

Our program exposes children to a variety of opportunities to read or be read to which often results in a love for reading.

Please get in touch with any questions. We’re always happy to help.

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